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Silicone mobile phone sleeve processing production process

  Today's silicone mobile phone shell style but colorful, colorful, very popular with young men and women, holding a silicone mobile phone sets have a stylish feeling, you know why the silicone phone case so many color patterns? Silicone mobile phone shell processing and production process is what? Silicone mobile phone shell professional manufacturer Xing Ming Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. to tell you about the processing of silica gel mobile phone shell production   process:
  The first step: mixing rubber
  Including raw rubber mixing, color matching, weight calculation of raw materials;
  The second step: vulcanization molding
  High-pressure vulcanization equipment adopts high-temperature vulcanization to form the raw material of silica gel into a solid state
  Step 3: Trimming
  The silicone sleeves that come out of the mold will carry some unwanted flashes and swarf that need to be removed. At present, in the industry, this process is completely completed by hand, and some factories also use punching   machines.
  Step 4: Grinding
  Because the production environment is not vacuum, silicone mobile phone sets are inevitably contaminated with dust and impurities, or the boot staff has soiled some products. Some of them cannot be cleaned. At this time, the mobile phone case can only be polished by polishing, as long as the customer accepts, and the grinding process is fine. Can reduce processing costs and reduce extravagance.
  Step 5: Cleaning
  Most silicone products need to be cleaned. Dirty is a later processing process. Due to the previous process, silicone mobile phone cases may be contaminated. The air gun can blow off the dust and impurities first, then clean it with dust-free cloth and water to give customers satisfied products.
  Step Six: Spraying Feelings
  Most silicone mobile phone shells need to be sprayed with oil. The completion of this procedure will increase the quality of silicone mobile phone shell products by one level. Most ink manufacturers can provide environmentally friendly feel oil. A good mobile phone set looks at the design of the second look texture. Some use spraying room spray, some with ink pool soak, a variety of methods.
  Step 7: Bake
  After the scented hand is sprayed, the phone case must be dried. After baking in a high-temperature oven for about 15 seconds, it can be moved to the side to cool the package.
  Through the preparation of the above seven steps, a perfect silicone phone case was born.
  The above describes the processing and production flow of silicone mobile phone shell. Xing Ming plastic mold will also give you a lot of knowledge about the mobile phone shell.
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