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What is the model of the mobile phone?

  A brand has different series of products, different models represent different categories, its function is also different, in fact, the classification of those mobile phone models is a certain rule, Xiao Bian after finishing, now to introduce the common few Brand model classification!
  A series: always ahead of the trend, looking forward to, attractive appearance, technology leading style, such as: A768, 3G smart phone A1000;
  T-series: always in the forefront of the popular, practical, feature-rich styles, such as: T720i, T750 (CDMA);
  V series: Fair clamshell mobile phone, popular style, functional style, such as: V600, V171;
  C series: styles are cool, low prices, such as: C650, C381;
  E series: focus on audio and video entertainment features, for young groups of styles, such as: E680, E398;
  In addition, MOTO will launch two series of new products this year. They are R series and S series respectively:
  R Series: Popular features, innovative design thinking, and extraordinary design are just like the previous V70, for example: the future R800;
  S series: smart phones, advanced mobile phones, may be the code name of MOTO's switch to Microsoft's first generation products.
  3 Beginning: Styles with unique appearance and special features, such as 3310, 3300;
  5410: A unique sports phone with three functions;
  8 Beginning: stylish appearance, novel features, such as: early 8310, recently appeared 8800;
  6 Beginning: Business Phones, Traditional Styles, eg: 6600, 6681;
  Beginning of 7: Pay attention to image application functions, for example: 7610, 7270, early 7650;
  9 Beginning: High-end smart phones that focus on information interaction, such as: 9500.
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