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Can the phone case protect against radiation?

  In today's advanced era of mobile devices, radiation is facing our most troublesome problems, especially mobile phones! For those with weak resistance, pregnant women and children are not recommended for long-term contact with mobile phones! But in some special moments we can't leave the mobile phone! How to deal with mobile phone radiation? There are many cell phone cases made of special materials on the market to shield the radiation!
  According to the working principle of the radiation protection mobile phone case, if the material can completely shield the signal, in this case (receiving/signal), the positive radiation of the mobile phone to the human body can be completely shielded, if the mobile phone housing uses a radiation protection material on one side Custom-made, so close to the side of the radiation protection material, can greatly reflect and reduce the radiation intensity without interference to the signal. There are already such mature products on the market.
  Two kinds of electromagnetic waves appear in the process of mobile communication. One is the signal transmitted between the base station and the mobile phone. This kind of electromagnetic wave can be said to be all over the sky, and it is also impossible to prevent it. Also, because of the strength, it is only necessary to use the mobile phone. This kind of electromagnetic wave damage to the human body is insignificant.
  The other is as an electronic product, the electromagnetic wave generated by the mobile phone to support the operation of its various components, like the refrigerator and other electrical appliances, even if it does not communicate will produce electromagnetic waves, and this electromagnetic wave with the human body distance It is the recent one that needs attention to prevent it.
  The emergence of smart phones has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, and the corresponding mobile phone protection is also designed to give us better use of mobile phones. Mobile phones make many impossible things happen, but the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones will inadvertently cause some harm to our bodies. This is an inevitable thing. Making cell phone cases that prevent electromagnetic radiation can reduce the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones to the human body. The harm will undoubtedly become a major trend in the design of mobile phone housings.
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