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Is it necessary to bring a phone case with your phone?

  With the accelerated development of technology, mobile phones have become the core product of modern technology! The popularity of mobile phones has brought us a lot of convenience. We regard the mobile phone as its own baby and look at nature and ultimately the mobile phone casing! Large and small mobile phones on the market, from the previous PHS, now smart phone users like to equip with mobile phone casing! Because the phone shell can not only protect the phone, but also to decorate their love machine, people have a unique experience! Some people say that mobile phones do not need to bring mobile phone housings. Here, Xing Ming plastic molds are very serious and responsible for the popularity of mobile phone housings.
  Radiation is not unfamiliar to everyone, especially people who are often exposed to electronic products. I believe that everyone understands the radiation of mobile phones. Mobile phone radiation is transmitted through the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones. For people who are constantly exposed to mobile phone radiation, it will have great health effects. The threat! This leads to a decline in cognitive ability, memory loss, but also easily lead to irritability, irritability and other symptoms! Although the mobile phone shell can not completely isolate the mobile phone radiation, but more or less reduce the harm to the human body caused by mobile phone radiation, the safe use of mobile phones must be accompanied by mobile phone shell!
  For young people to wear a mobile phone protective cover is very necessary, because young people use the phone longer than other ages, and likes to casually put the phone, it will easily lead to mobile phone wear, so there is a mobile phone shell she can not only enhance Fashion sense is more secure to protect your phone!
  Mobile phone is necessary to bring the shell, because for the diversification of mobile phone brands and functions, mobile phone protection cover according to the texture is divided into silicone, plastic, leather, tpu, glass, cloth thick and so on! The current silicone mobile phone sets the user most! Mobile phone shell can prevent the scratch on the surface of the mobile phone, protect the screen and buttons! And can effectively prevent cell phone screen fragmentation!
  After reading these you also think that the mobile phone is necessary to protect the shell?
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